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    JEWELLERY CARE - How to maintain and restore your jewellery's shine           FAQ page


Sterling silver is a precious metal that is prone to tarnishing. Several ways in which silver may eventually lose its highly polished sheen are:

- being in contact with perfume, soap or hairspray

- being exposed to salt water or chlorine in swimming pools

- being in contact with perspiration

- leaving silver unprotected in air may also cause the silver to lose its high shine more

If you look after your jewellery it will continue to look beautiful for years to come. I suggest cleaning sterling silver jewellery with the anti-tarnish care cloth that I provide with every order. Silver does tarnish with exposure to the air, but a quick rub with anti tarnish silver cloth will help prevent this. Do not wash the cloth as this will remove it anti-tarnishing properties and keep it in the plastic holder provided. The blacker the cloth becomes, the better the results will be. The cloths are also available for £3 via the 'Accessories' page of the online Gallery Link

Prevention / Removal:

It should be noted that tarnishing is not a permanent effect on silver and can be removed. It is also possible to retain/restore a high bright shine with the proper care in a number of the following ways.

Regularly clean pieces with anti-tarnishing care cloth. These are stocked by many high-street department stores, jewellers and myself.

When not wearing your jewellery, store in a jewellery box, suede/velvet pouch, plastic bag or acid-free tissue paper. Storing jewellery separately will also prevent small surface scratches from occurring where pieces rub together.

A high sheen can be restored in two ways. An 'Ultra-Sonic' machine will thoroughly clean pieces, remove all tarnish (even from areas that a cloth or wadding cannot reach) and therefore achieve a very desirable high shine. To restore the ultimate in high shine finishes and also remove small surface scratches, it is preferable to use a combination of re-polishing and the above 'Ultra-Sonic' process. These are services that I also provide. Please contact me me for further details.

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