Bespoke Gallery - Custom Commissions created to order. Fine Jewellery and Gemstones

Jewellery for Nature Lovers - Made by Hand for You

The Bespoke Experience - Fine jewellery made especially for you.  Designs for anniversaries, birthday's, to commemorate any life events or just for the love of wearing fine jewellery!  Whether you desire a diamond solitaire and plain wedding or something non-traditional, an alternative unusual style engagement rings or wedding rings, the designs can be tailored to your requirements.  

Leaf & Two Tendril Rings Nature Inspired - Bespoke Custom Commissions Made to Order

My Signature Style

The design can be customised in a with extra tendrils being added, larger gemstones and also creating it to fit along side other rings.  This makes them ideal as a wedding and engagement ring bridal sets.

Ivy Leaf Bespoke Rings - Bespoke Custom Commissions Made to Order

Ivy Leaf Jewellery - The Ivy Leaf is traditionally regarded as a symbol of fidelity, therefore perfect for wedding rings or to commemorate an anniversary.

Oak Leaf Bespoke Rings - Bespoke Custom Commissions Made to Order

Oak Leaf Rings: The oak is a symbol of wisdom, longevity, strength and growth, as well as symbolising heritage, family and honour.

Rings incorporating one or more gemstones into the design.  Ideal for engagement rings.

Woodgrain Wedding & Engagement Rings

Ideally suited as wedding rings but also perfectly complement a number of my leaf designs as well as being striking enough to be worn on their own. 

Two & Three Ring Sets: Engagement, Wedding & Eternity Rings

Ideal for bridal sets wedding, engagement and eternity rings. Ring sets that can worn together side by side or on their own.  Ideal for stacking rings and stones can be incorporated too.  


Some designs have include birthstones to represent different members of a family.

Matching Ring Sets.  Complimentary Designs - Bespoke Handmade Rings

Complimentary sets for couples.  Pairs of rings created in the same style or complimentary designs, featuring elements of the same style or type of leaves.

Shaped Wedding Bands to fit with unusual shaped engagement rings

Created to sit side by side with unusual shaped engagement rings.  These can be shaped and styled so that they are also attractive as a stand alone rings in their own right.

Jewellery Commissions Necklaces, Bangles, Earrings

Other Commissions: Necklaces, earrings, bangles made for special occasions, including bridal jewellery, anniversaries as well as everyday wear

Inspired by pieces you've seen here and would like to discuss the creation of your own bespoke piece of jewellery?  look forward to hearing from you via the......

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