Remodelling - Ideal for transforming old jewellery, often ones which have sentimental meaning to create a new piece to be loved and treasured once more.  

Remoulding Jewellery - Old Rings

It's a Story of the Materials...


...and your personal, sentimental and emotional connection to your jewellery and the meaning they imbue.  

.....the Process


The making process, the techniques, skills and handcrafted nature of the work that goes into transforming old jewellery into new, making a piece special and personal to you.

Melting Down Old Jewelllery

Oak & Acorn Cup Setting - Gold & Sapphire

.......the Design


Are you drawn to a particular style?  Is there a leaf which has a special meaning for you?  Your own gemstones can be included or new gemstones sourced.  Perhaps in a favourite colour or a birthstone to represent your birthday or someone elses.

The Story of You


All these elements make your jewellery special and personal to you!  The transformation of the piece, a story to remember and tell others.  Your own piece to be treasured, worn and loved.  Perhaps an heirloom of the future.

Jewellery Remodel, recycle, up-cycle, reuse and repurpose and heirloom redesign

Interested in discussing how your bespoke jewellery can be transformed? 

Please take a look at the 'Bespoke Gallery' and let me know what style or designs catch your eye (this is a great starting point to discuss things further) and get in touch via the 'Remodelling Enquiry Form'.  Please include photos and any other details of what you would like transformed. 

Please bear in mind that due to the extra time and work involved in reusing, reworking and remodelling jewellery, these types of commissions are usually from around £450 for a plain band or from £750 for something that has more details such as the leaf design.  There is no hard and fast rule but I hope this gives you an idea as it really does depend on what jewellery you have to work with and what you would like it made into. 

Jewellery remodel heirloom rings
Melting Remodelling
Reworking Jewellery