Sizing Information

Ring Size

Ring Sizing Equipment


If you don't already know the ring size you require, you are welcome to visit me at a craft event or arrange a time to visit my workshop to have your finger measured.  Alternatively, gauging a ring-size is a service that most high street jewellers will provide free of charge.


UK ring sizes are measured from A-Z and in half sizes.  I can also take International orders so please let me know what country you are ordering from.


Ring Sizing Systems:  Different countries use different ring size systems.

  • UK, Ireland and Australia, ring sizes are specified using an alphabetical scale, with half sizes.
  • Europe (excluding Ireland and the UK), ring sizes are specified using a numerical scale, with half sizes.
  • USA and Canada, ring sizes are specified using a numerical scale, with quarter and half sizes.

Advice for gauging the correct ring size

The size of your hands can change over the course of the day and can also be affected by temperature (your fingers will be smaller when it’s cold and larger when warm).  It might be best to have your finger measured a few times to ensure you order the best size, usually in the afternoon or evening when your fingers are likely to be at their largest.  Remember your hands will be slightly larger in the warmer months and smaller in the colder ones.  Therefore ideally you want a ring to fit snuggly in the warmer months but not so tight as to be uncomfortable or too loose in the cooler months.  If you require further advice about how to make sure you have the correct ring size, please get in contact to discuss things further.

Chain Lengths

Calla Lily Necklace

Chains are available in different lengths including 16" (standard length), 18" & 20", which can be selected during the ordering process.  If you are unsure, please add to the 'notes' box that this is to be confirmed and it can be discussed after the order has been placed, and charged accordingly.  


Longer chain lengths from 22" to 30" are available on request and are quoted for on an individual basis.  Please get in touch via the Contact page to discuss your requirements.


A guide to determining the correct chain length:

Either measure a favourite necklace of a length that you like or if you are unsure about which length you require, use a piece of string with a knot in one end and bring the other end loosely around to where you wish the necklace to sit. (Please remember that the pendant will sit below this line - look at the approximate dimensions of each individual piece).


If the necklace is a gift, if you can measure a chain that the person already wears.  If this is not possible, please note that 16" is the standard length.  If the length you purchase is incorrect I am happy to exchange it, providing the chain is returned unworn in its original condition.


Additional Chains 

If you would like more than one length of chain, extras can be purchased.  Please Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Bracelet & Bangle Sizing

Bracelet Sizing

If you have a bracelet that already fits you, measure the length of bracelet and make a note of it on the order, so I can make it to your exact size.


Alternatively, measure your wrist and then add 2cm as this will give you the length required.  A standard length bracelet is 19cm to 20cm (7.5"-8").

Bangle Sizing

If you have a bangle that already fits you, measure the inside diameter and make a note of it on the order, so I can make it to your exact size.


Measuring your hand

To measure the correct fit, hold your hand outstretched as if you were putting on a bangle and measure the widest part of your hand the bracelet will slide over.  The average size is around 19cm-20cm (7.5" - 8.0") depending on how big or small your hand is.

Earring Fixings

Earrings on hook fittings instead of posts?

All earrings, unless otherwise stated have a 'post' fitting.  If you prefer hooks many of my designs can be altered to accommodate this fitting.  Please contact me stating the piece you have in mind.  There is normally no extra charge for this service.


Can earrings be made into clip-ons? 

A lot of my designs can accommodate clip-on or screw back fixing earrings.  Please contact me with the design you have in mind and I will be able to advise if it is suitable and the additional cost.