About my Work - Leaf & Nature Inspired Jewellery - Passion, Creativity & Design

Leaf Jewellery & Nature Inspired Rings - Passion, Creativity & Design

Bespoke Hampshire Jeweller 

Creating award winning jewellery in precious metals.  Nature lover with a passion for the British countryside, leaves, trees & woodlands.


Leaves, leaves and more leaves!  Can you tell I like leaves!  Well, not just leaves, but trees and woodlands too.


As you may have guessed, I draw inspiration from the natural world, woodland environments and specifically the New Forest.  Over the last 20 years, I have become particularly known for my leaf jewellery designs and bespoke handmade leaf wedding and engagement rings.  I have a passion for creating and love designing jewellery for special occasions as well as for everyday wear.

Art is in my blood, being creative is all I've ever wanted to do.  My background is in three-dimensional design and sculpture so I take an artistic approach to creating jewellery.

I love working with people during the design and creation process of bespoke pieces and creating pieces of jewellery that have a personal significance to the recipient.  From a love of nature and the outdoors; or using a leaf that represents something special to the wearer or to symbolise something particular, I enjoy creating pieces with a such personal significance.


It's no surprise that my work appeals to nature lovers - especially those that are drawn to leaves and trees.  I hope that my love of the natural world shines through in the jewellery I create.


As you can see from this photo, I also have a love of photography too!


If you would like to read more about my background in the arts over the last 20 years, including qualifications, supplying John Lewis, involvement in the Association for Contemporary Jewellery - Wessex and the Artful Collective please see the Background page.

Design Process

The design process can vary from one piece to the next, using whatever methods feel right for the piece I am creating.  When I begin to make a piece or start creating a prototype, it's time for me get to work at the bench (my specialised work area where pieces come to life!)


For a studio jeweller like myself, the tools and set up I use to make jewellery have not changed for hundreds of years.  Of course, there are new advances which are added to the jewellers tool kit, but there is something very special about making a piece by hand using centuries old goldsmithing methods and techniques.  My work is individually handcrafted in precious metals by forging, soldering, shaping, cutting, polishing, engraving and occasionally casting, using hammers, flame, files, saws and polishing mops.

To read more about precious metals and hallmarking, please visit the information page.


I am continually driven by my desire to create sensitive representations of organic forms, coupled with an enthusiasm for learning new skills and developing my own unique style of jewellery. The pieces featured in the 'Collections' pages are mainly created from sterling silver, whereas gold pieces are generally bespoke and therefore made to order. Examples of which can be viewed in the 'Bespoke' pages of my website.


Attention to detail and high quality workmanship is of paramount importance throughout the design and creation process. I use a variety of techniques to produce a miniature, wearable sculpture and each piece is unique and subtly different from the next. 

Memberships & Awards


Winner of a Craft&Design Magazine: Gold 'Selected' Award

'Jewellery & Precious Metals' Category

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