Designs can also be made to incorporate diamonds, sapphires or other gemstones.  There are various options to consider when choosing one, for instance diamonds and sapphires are a good choice because of their hardness and ability to withstand everyday wear.  This makes them particularly suited for rings designs, especially wedding and engagement rings or others that are intended to be worn everyday for a long time.  There are a range of possibilities including type, shape, size, colour and quality of gemstone.


Gemstones can be set in various ways.  I tend to use round gemstones as I find that they lend themselves to the organic flowing lines of my designs, but occasionally I use other shapes.  Whether they are set into the curls of the tendrils or a rub-over or claw setting, they can be used to enhance a design with their size, quality and colour or be used to represent something.  For instance, birthstones can be chosen to represent your birthday or family members birthdays.  Your own gemstones can be considered for inclusion for sentimental or environmental reasons.  Please get in contact to discuss things further.

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