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Jewellery for Nature Lovers


Leaf Jewellery - Nature Inspired Collections

Ready to wear designs and some which are made to order.


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Swirling Leaves Jewellery Collection

 This collection has been inspired by various leaves including rose leaves.  Rounded leaves, including curling and entwining tendrils.

Willow Leaves Leaf Jewellery Collection

Inspired by the shapes of willow leaves with some leaves being long and slender and others being more rounded and wider.

Oak Leaves Jewellery Collection (Quercus Robur)

The oak, symbol of wisdom, longevity, strength, growth, as well as symbolising heritage, family and honour

Ivy Leaf Leaves Jewellery Collection

The Ivy Leaf - Being evergreen it is associated with eternity and endurance - a symbol of love, marriagefidelity and friendship.


A hardy plant which can flourish in toughest of environments

Calla Lily Lillies Collection

The calla lily flower was named after the Greek word for beautiful — calla.  Symbols of purity, holiness, and faithfulness and often used at weddings.  They are also the flower used to symbolise a 30th wedding anniversary

Heart Shaped Leaf Leaves Jewellery Collection

Leaf Heart collection featuring some leaves which are heart shaped as well as tendrils curling to form the shape of a heart.  Perfect choice to give to a loved one, for a special occasion, wedding anniversary or valentines

Pear Drop Classic Contemporary Jewellery

Simple and elegant design with looping sweeping organic lines.  A classic look that is easy to wear with any style.

Twigs Jewellery Collection: Necklace, Earrings, Ring

Twigs Collection inspired by Winter branches to create stylised forms.

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