Becky's Bespoke Ivy Leaves Bridal Necklet Commission

Becky's now husband wanted to commission an ivy leaf necklet for her to wear on their wedding day to compliment the Ivy Leaf & Curling Tendril bridal set rings I created for her.  I was delighted when Becky wrote to me......


"I wanted to share some of the photos of my GORGEOUS necklace with you.  I was totally blown away by how beautiful it is and yes, I did cry when I opened it!  


I will most definitely treasure it forever, not just because it's so beautiful but because I know of all the hard work that went into it, not only physically, but the planning and 'surprise' element that was upheld all the way through.  It is truly a one of a kind piece which I'm so grateful for.  Everyone commented on how beautiful it was so I have given them all your details - hopefully you'll get a few more commissions!"



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Ivy Leaves & Curling Tendrils Necklace Handmade
Bespoke Handmade Wedding Bridal Ivy Necklace
Ivy Leaves & Curling Tendrils Necklace Bespoke

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