Natasha's Oak Leaf Necklace

Natasha Weyers, is a fellow creative and it was lovely to meet her at an art event and then receive this email....


"Lovely to meet you this afternoon. I do love your jewellery and treasure the two pieces I have - especially the oak leaf pendant, as my mum bought it for me (not long after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer) and I wear it as a reminder to stay strong, now my mum has gone (as oak trees are sturdy and resemble strength)".  

I feel very privileged that something I’ve created has such personal significance for her.  I wanted to share this as it's what my work is all about.  Not fast fashion, but slow hand-crafted pieces that will last a lifetime, to be treasured and have meaning to the wearer.  


Natasha is a very talented photographer Natasha's Facebook Page