Olwen & Ciaran's Handfasting - Ivy Leaf Jewellery

Handfasting - Ivy Leaf Jewellery
Handfasting - Ivy Leaf Ring
Handfasting - Ivy Leaf Jewellery

Ivy Leaf Wedding Ring - Olwen & Ciaran's Wedding Jewellery

Olwen wrote......"Both pieces are beautiful!  I love the ring - it's magical and I prefer it in the white gold, fits perfectly too! and I gave the cufflinks to Ciaran as he's in the process of getting his suit made and he loves them - he thought they were like the leaf brooches that Galadrial gives the hobbits in the Lord of the Rings ! :)


Thank you so much for all your hard work and for getting everything to me in perfect timing, it's very much appreciated!  I have recommended you to a few friends of ours who are getting married!  I found your service very professional and your jewellery more than met my expectations based on the website photos, so thanks!

Your's gratefully, 

Olwen & Ciaran"

Ivy Leaf Wedding Ring & Ivy Leaf Cufflinks
Ivy Leaf Wedding Jewellery Handfasting
Handfasting - Ivy Leaf Jewellery

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