Making Process - The creation of miniature, wearable sculptures

Making Process: The creation of miniature, wearable sculptures

The design process can vary from one piece to the next, using whatever methods feel right for the piece I am creating.  When I begin to make a piece or start creating a prototype, it's time for me get to work at the bench (my specialised work area where pieces come to life!)


For a studio jeweller like myself, the tools and set up I use to make jewellery have not changed for hundreds of years.  Of course, there are new advances which are added to the jewellers tool kit, but there is something very special about making a piece by hand using centuries old goldsmithing methods and techniques.  My work is individually handcrafted in precious metals by forging, soldering, shaping, cutting, polishing, engraving and occasionally casting, using hammers, flame, files, saws and polishing mops.

I am continually driven by my desire to create sensitive representations of organic forms, coupled with an enthusiasm for learning new skills and developing my own unique style of jewellery.  The pieces featured in the 'Collections' pages are mainly created from sterling silver, whereas gold pieces are generally bespoke and therefore made to order.  Examples of which can be viewed in the 'Bespoke' pages of my website.


Attention to detail and high quality workmanship is of paramount importance throughout the design and creation process.  I use a variety of techniques to produce a miniature, wearable sculpture and each piece is unique and subtly different from the next.

UK Hallmarks & Sponser's Mark

All pieces over 7.78g for silver and 1g for gold, (the weight I am legally required to have a piece hallmarked), will bear my makers mark and hallmarks.  I also hallmark some pieces which are below this weight.

Georgina Ettridge Jewellery Made in Britain UK

A hallmark is an independent worldwide respected guarantee of the fineness and quality of the metal.  It comprises a series of marks applied to articles of gold, silver and platinum.  It indicates that the piece has been independently tested at an Assay Office and guarantees that it conforms to the legal standards of precious metal content, known as fineness.

Georgina Ettridge Sponsor's (Maker's) mark

This is my Sponsor's mark which is struck on all pieces and is registered at The Goldsmiths' Company, Assay Office, London, which has a record of testing the quality of gold and silver dating back to c1300.  A Sponsor's mark takes the form of the makers initials surrounded by a shield design and is unique to the maker. 


Information regarding precious metals and hallmarking can be found on the 'Precious Metals & Hallmarks' page, along with a link to the 'Hallmarking Notice' which explains all the approved hallmarks.

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