Inspirations for the jewellery I create

Carefully styled to depict the beauty of nature, the collections capture the essence of contemporary elegance whilst retaining a timeless, classic feel.

Oak Tree by Georgina Ettridge
English Oak Tree, New Forest, Hampshire UK

Inspiration for my work is fuelled by my enthusiasm for the natural environment.  The fluid organic forms of woodland environments and the flowing natural rhythms of coastal landscapes pique my interest.  Growing up in Hampshire, very near to the New Forest, I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time in this wonderful location.  I found its wildness, the history of the area and the beauty of this ancient woodland magical. 


Like many artists and craftsmen over the years, the natural world provides a wealth of inspiration and I have no doubt it has influenced me too.  


I hope my love for nature and my immediate surroundings shines through in the pieces that I create and that they become treasured pieces of jewellery that will be passed down the generations as family heirlooms imbued with meaning and symbolism.


I create my jewellery from my workshop in Hampshire (UK).  The New Forest provides a wealth of inspiration for my designs.  I sketch and use photography as a means of recording the enticing features within these exceptional locales. 


This is a place which lifts my spirits, feeds my soul and has directly influenced both past and present art work, ultimately leading to the creation of my signature 'Leaves' jewellery collection, which comprising of the 'Swirling Leaves' and 'Willow Leaves' collections.  Other collections feature 'English Oak Leaves', 'Ivy Leaves', beech leaves as well more stylised versions of leaves.  Other designs continue my enthusiasm for the natural world and include the 'Twigs', 'Berries', 'Fleur' and 'Calla Lily' collections.

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